A business, government, and trial lawyer experienced in the law of director & officer liability and the fiduciary duties of government officials and public entity board members, he is frequently retained as special, outside counsel in matters involving enterprise risks and organization governance. He is well known for crafting solutions to difficult litigation and business challenges and for discreetly conducting complex investigations, often in the context of managing high-stakes, multi-jurisdiction litigation. His clients have included major companies in commercial, financial, insurance, technology, radio and television broadcast, entertainment, manufacturing, real estate, energy, and healthcare fields, and both domestic and foreign governments. Intimately familiar with insurance coverage and the regulation of insurers, he has also served as national coordinating counsel for major D&O insurers, overseeing the defense of multiple waves of class action litigation aimed at imposing personal liability on the senior management of savings & loan institutions, high-tech companies, and other targeted segments of the national business community. In government, he has served in multiple roles and capacities, from being an appointed member of commissions overseeing municipal and state departments, to overseeing, developing, or managing multiple projects as well as high-profile and diverse public-private commissions and advisory boards, frequently consulting as Special Counsel in sensitive matters. Internationally, he has served as interim Business Investment Advisor, Office of U.N. High Commissioner, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as Legal Advisor and Intermediary between U.S. Justice/State Departments and the national government of an Eastern European country.