Paul Vizcaino is a highly sought after specialist in public affairs, government relations, community affairs, and political consulting. With more than 22 years of experience working in both international and domestic U.S. business, government, and politics, Paul provides the strategic insight and a proven track record needed to ensure the success of commercial, nonprofit, political, and public interest campaigns and projects.

Paul brings a wealth of experience in government and politics. Highlights of high-profile political campaigns where Paul played key roles in strategy development and management include Gordon Campbell for Premier of British Colombia, John Kerry for President, Ken Salazar for US Senate, Jon Salazar for US Congress, Gray Davis for Governor, Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor, Gavin Newsom for Governor, and a number of other federal, local, and statewide initiatives.

His business consulting is equally diverse. From the development of strategies for effective political and government relations for a number of tech and Fortune 500 companies, to assisting nonprofits and community based organizations achieve their goals, his experience and business acumen make him the go-to expert whenever challenging opportunities are present. That go-to reputation led to his appointment as the Chief Development Officer of Wheels Labs, Inc., the safest micro-mobility company on the market, making him one of the few, but growing number of, Latinos to serve as an executive of an international tech company. Paul also currently serves as the President of the Political Division at MJA Advertising Associates, Inc., a full service agency with 56 years of strategic media buying and marketing experience across all media categories.

Paul built his can-do reputation on a rich and diverse history of community engagement, political activism, and insightful relationships with government at all levels. He began his career with the nation’s premiere Latino civil rights organization, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF). There, he first served as the Assistant to the President and General Counsel, and later joined the legal team where he worked directly with the Vice President of Litigation, Thomas Saenz. At MALDEF, he worked with many local, statewide, and national advocacy groups and leaders to promote and protect the rights of Latinos and other underrepresented groups throughout the nation. He also worked as the National Director of Development for the United Farm Workers (UFW), where he handled the overall management and direction of the

UFW’s Development Department. Notable among his achievements and contributions to the UFW, Paul helped create the UFW Foundation, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, while also assisting in helping define its programmatic themes and focus. He represented the UFW on a number of local, statewide, and national political campaigns, including working on the California Clean Energy Initiative, where he served as Statewide Outreach Coordinator.

It was not long until Paul’s skills, contagious optimism, and willingness to work hard, brought him to the attention of both prominent elected officials and high-power, national government relations firms. In government, he served as the Community Affairs Director for a member of the Los Angeles City Council, working closely with city departments and agencies to advance the Councilmember’s comprehensive and ambitious agenda for the district, developing effective and close working relationships with other Council offices and city government officials. His work became well known in City Hall, and in 2005 he was appointed by Mayor Villaraigosa to the City of Los Angeles’ Quality and Productivity Commission, where he was elected Vice-President of the Commission. In 2007, Mayor Villaraigosa also appointed Paul to the Rent Adjustment Commission.

His roles with prominent government relations firms began when he became one of two partners opening the Los Angeles office of a national government relations firm with 18 offices in 12 states, including the District of Columbia. Paul’s work resulted in the successful completion of many advocacy projects and campaigns, both in the U.S. and in Canada. He went on to form his own government relations firm that became a major player in Southern California government, and, more recently, became President & CEO of a rapidly growing international firm that merges government relations and media management, serving major businesses and government entities in both Europe and the U.S..

Paul holds a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated with honors and double minored in English and Chicano Studies.